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Door to Door

Sunrise Pups will work with our trusted licensed professionals in the commercial air, private air, and ground transportation business to get your puppy to your home or as close to your home as we can as quickly as possible, while focusing on the health and welfare of your puppy. Destinations include most of the East coast and Souther states, contact us to make sure me travel to your location via driver. Cost: $750

*subject to change

Image by Steve Sewell

Local Pick-up

Sunrise Pups welcomes you to come to our location to pick up your new puppy! Come meet and play with our available pups to find your new family member!

Image by Alvan Nee

Airport Delivery 

The safety of our puppies is our paramount concern, especially when shipping them. We generally use 1 of 2 airlines when shipping your puppy: American or Alaska. The deciding factor when choosing what airline usually boils down to whether or not your local airport accepts cargo (yes, puppies are considered cargo to the airlines), and flight availability. We try our best to match flight times with both of our schedules, however the puppies best interest will always take precedent. Cost: $650

*subject to change

Image by Patrick Kool


Sunrise Pups understands that travel can be scary for first timers, even those with 4 legs! We are dedicated to always putting the health and well-being of your new puppy first, making sure he or she arrives safely and as quickly as possible.  

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​Sunrise Pups ships puppies throughout the United States & Canada. This is done by and through commercial airlines. Sunrise Pups maintains no affiliations with any commercial airlines. Once delivered to the airport Sunrise Pups is not responsible for delayed, re-routed, or even canceled flights. In some extreme cases puppies may need to be boarded overnight at an airport or cargo facility. In any such case, Sunrise Pups is not responsible for additional costs as control over the situation is out of our hands.

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