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Sunrise Pups, a place for those who love dog, we are committed to connecting puppies and families. We are the connection between responsible breeders and homes all over the country. We hold ourselves and breeder to the highest standard and aim to improve the life of every pup, breeder, and owner who joins our community. At Sunrise Pup we have a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills and substandard breeding practices. With us you will know the source in which your puppy was born and raised, unlike pet stores, recuses, and shelter. Our pups are raised with love and care from by our amazing community!  

USDA & ODA Licensed

Sunrise Pups is USDA Licensed (#31-B-0178) & ODA Licensed (#CB000N83) and requires every one of our breeders to be licensed as well  (unless they are exempt per the USDA & ODA).


Sunrise Pups has a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills and substandard breeding practices. 

Proprietary screening

We require comprehensive screening for all breeders who want to be a part of our community, making sure they meet USDA, ODA, and our high standards.

Regular Check-ins

We visit each of our breeders weekly to monitor the health and wellness of each puppy. We do so with skilled and licensed veterinarians to do a head- to-toe examination!

What is a Puppy Mill? 

A Puppy Mill is a source for puppies that places the value of a profit over the welfare of its animals. A puppy Mill is inhumane, cruel, and usually operates in violation of the law and government regulations.

Sunrise Pups Promises our Breeders are NOT Puppy Mills

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