Shipping Puppies

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The safety of our puppies is our paramount concern, especially when shipping them. We generally use 1 of 2 airlines when shipping your puppy: American or Delta.  The deciding factor when choosing what airline usually boils down to whether or not your local airport accepts cargo (yes, puppies are considered cargo to the airlines), and flight availability. We try our best to match flight times with both of our schedules, however the puppies best interest will always take precedent.

Puppy Safety


 Our vet will give every puppy a wellness check (per airline regulations).

We will ship your puppy in a specially designed travel crate. Each crate has  a supply of puppy food, water, and a high calorie supplement. 

Every puppy is flown in a pressurized, temperature controlled environment from the time he or she leaves our arms to the time they reach yours! 

What's Included


Depending on your local airport, you will either pick them up at the designated cargo facility or the baggage claim. Typically you must wait 1/2 hr. - 2 hrs from the time the flight arrives before you can pick them up.

Pickup Location


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